მოსაწევი ხელსაწყოების ონლიან მაღაზია. დააჭირე აქ და შეიძინე შენთვის სასურველი მოწყობილობა!


SWAP Silicone and Glass Water Pipe

The Best Silicone and Glass Water Pipe of 2022!
Top Quality, Great Pipe, Low price!

არ არის მარაგში

  • High Quality BPA-Free Heat Resistant Silicone and Glass construction.
  • Large glass bowl with secure top-cap that stays closed.
  • Glass chamber holds water or extra storage.
  • Add water to cool and smoothen your hit!
  • The bowl stays dry.
  • Easy to clean! Freeze, squeeze and wash the silicone clean.
  • Each silicone piece is soft and easy to swap on and off for cleaning and customizing your SWAP’s look!
  • Available today in 6 great colors! Lemon, Candyfloss, Black, One-Love, Aqua and Sherbert.

BPA and Metal and Pthathate Silicone testing reports from SAGS Lab are available, so you know your silicone and glass water pipe is safe.